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2021 social media trends

2020 is out, 2021 is in. Its been a year of change and as we are already two months into 2021, we look ahead to provide our own predictions on the top social media trends for 2021.

E-commerce on Social

Topshop’s buyout by ASOS is another nod to online shopping and how we are moving away from our Saturday ritual of shopping & lunching with friends. Brands need to give their consumers an in-store experience, online, without being too salesy.

Video Content

82% of online content will be video by 2022. From Instagram Reels and Stories, through to TikTok and the original YouTube, consumers want to see more and more video content from brands. They provide tons of opportunity to grow your audience & boost engagement.

Socially Conscious

Social Media has become a place for shining a light on global issues. Consumers are curious and interested to hear how brands tackle such conversations. 85% of Millennials and 80% of Gen Z rank the environment at the top of their list when choosing brands to engage with, and hand over their hard-earned cash – brands with a strong focus on social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities will flourish!


Coming back to authenticity, people want to see honest content. They want to be engaged with, educated, and connected with the brand values. Try making your content as shareable and saveable as you can to keep those likes coming in

Goodbye, Perfect Aesthetics

Thanks to our friends over at TikTok, people care less about your perfectly curated page, and pastel colour palette. They want more creativity, more idealisation, more human. So, stop fussing over that flat-lay, flawless visual.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing will continue to soar; however, it is not always about the big following. We have seen macro, micro and niche within 2020. If you want to use influencers but budget is low, find a smaller group of niche influencers who possess a very active, engaged, ideal audience for your brand.

It may have taken a global pandemic to make us more socially conscious, or maybe the curve was already in play? But recently we have seen a shift change in how our clients use social media to amplify their message. The common factors are:

  • Relatable Content
  • Authenticity
  • Brands to be Human
  • Impactful conversations

These are only predicted trends and insights; they shouldn’t totally take the fun out of your content creation.  If you are feeling less joy, and more burden, HIGHJAM, can support you in all aspects of your social media strategy from creating content through to influencer marketing. If you want to find out more, view our services page on content & online engagement here, or do get in touch at

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