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Social Media Management Tips To Improve Results

Social media marketing is great for building your brand identity, community, generating traffic to your website, and letting your customers know what you stand for.

Whether you are looking to increase sales, brand awareness or to simply stay connected to your followers, it all starts with your content.  Your content strategy should reinforce your brand goals. Every piece of content you post should have the same aim – to turn your followers into paying customers. 

HIGHJAM can work with you to help assemble your content toolkit – from understanding your consumer and perfecting your voice, through to building a content bank. Whether you would like support in content creation & scheduling, influencer research & management, management of consumer engagements, or providing analytical insights into campaign performances we are here to help! 

Here are some of our tried & tested tips:

  1. Understand and get to know your ideal customer – what are they looking for? Are you hitting their needs? Are you highlighting all your product benefits to them?
  2. Repurpose your content – turn grid content into stories, stories into blogs, blogs into case studies, etc.
  3. Analyse. Analyse. Analyse! Stop and look at what is or is not working and adapt as you go
  4. Keep on top of your content, create content calendars & use systems to automate future posts

Our team of social media experts have been supporting our clients with their social media accounts and creating valuable content for them for several years. From our work with leading herbal tea giants Yogi Tea and more recently the newest drink to come out of Brazil – Suivie. From social media strategy, to managing photo shoots, creating bespoke content, copywriting and insights, our team can take on as much as needed to make our clients lives that little bit easier.

If you want to discuss how we can help manage the social media accounts for your brand, please get in touch at

Posted on November 23, 2020 in Featured, Highjam News

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