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The MAAG evolve into The Alliance of Independent Agencies

The Marketing Agencies Action Group (MAAG) have announced its evolution into the Alliance of Independent Agencies (The Alliance), as part of an extensive restructure. 

The Alliance exists to represent and celebrate the thriving independent agency community and place it and those that work in it at the heart of the rapidly evolving entrepreneurial creative economy. The Alliance will lead the agenda of independent agencies and promote the sector’s interests, especially as it faces the negative impact of COVID-19.

As an existing member of the network, HIGHJAM have valued being a part of such a forward-thinking group of independent agencies. Working together the network helps independent agencies to learn, share, and develop their teams, products and services as well as connecting them to best-practice, new ways of working and cutting-edge technologies and tools.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant and negative impact on the creative agency sector, with as much as a 44% (£19 billion) reduction in turnover. With independents making up approx 90% of the agencies in the creative sector, contributing over £43billion to the economy it is integral the independent agency sector has a clear and action-focused voice. Until now, the sector has not had a united voice to promote its collective interests and pro-actively lobby policymakers in client-related industry bodies and the Government; the Alliance of Independent Agencies stands to change this.

As MAAG evolves to Alliance of Independent Agencies, it has appointed Matt Sullivan Managing Director, created a Members’ Board, and introduced a triumvirate of co-chairs to drive the agenda of its eight action groups in the arenas of Purpose, People, and Performance.

Reflecting its change in purpose and structure, the Alliance will respond to the impact of COVID-19 with change-driving activities, including:

  • Lobbying for government support, such as safeguarding jobs, through independent agency representation as members of The Advertising Association and Federation of Small Business.
  • Providing independent agencies wider access to valuable resources, building on collaborations with other agency collectives. To date, these include Pimento, TheNetworkOne and Agencynomics.
  • Empowering independent agencies to more successfully navigate procurement (in an increasingly competitive marketplace) through key educational partnerships.

The Alliance seeks to unite the thousands of independent agencies, their leaders and everyone that works in the community to make meaningful change. Independent agencies can join the Alliance of Independent Agencies with their first month of membership free, here:

Follow The Alliance of Independent Agencies here:

Posted on September 1, 2020 in Featured, Industry News

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